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10x Australian Windsurfing Champion Sean O’Brien shares his secrets to reaching the top level in windsurfing, including his fitness preparation which has ensured Sean an injury-free professional career that has continued to climb the rankings on the international circuit.

With his personal trainer from Switzerland, Nic Pillonel, Sean has developed a revolutionary Performance Training Program to get your body ready for a long summer of windsurfing. This simple, proven system can be used at home or in the gym to achieve strength and fitness conditioning to improve your performance on the water as well as your overall fitness and enjoyment whilst windsurfing.

“Competing on the Windsurfing Tour over the past 15 years has put incredible stress on my body. Adding strength and conditioning work to my training has helped me stay strong and importantly, prevent injuries that are common in our sport. Windsurfing alone is simply not a good enough single source of exercise.”

– Sean O’Brien

The Facts

How does windsurfing affect the body?

  • Windsurfing is great fun, but it’s challenging physically, particularly in strong winds. And to achieve the experience you want, you need to be strong and fit.
  • You may have experienced some frustration at not being able to continue after more than one, two or three hours of intense windsurfing on your Sunday morning training session. You might have needed to rest regularly or struggled to maintain your technique due to sore muscles or exhaustion.
  • Windsurfing is a high intensity combination of surfing and sailing. It combines high speed with extreme manoeuvres and a wide repertoire of tricks. And because windsurfing requires handling your equipment whilst blasting along or carving through sometimes rough water, you need a combination of balance, core stability, technical skill and optimum fitness levels just to hang on.
  • Whether you are a pro windsurfer, a local competitor or just a passionate Sunday windsurfer, if you are keen to improve, to go faster, and feel great flying at max speed on your board, you need to develop your strength and endurance.
  • Staying upright on the board puts stress on all the major muscles groups.
  • When you windsurf, your legs are essentially in a half squat position. The continuous switch from an upright position to a half squat or half sitting position as you bend your legs going over chop or when you initiate a gybe, puts tension on your major leg muscles, including the quadriceps and glutes and hamstrings.
  • Your upper body gets a great workout as well. Trimming the sail will activate muscles in the arms and the back. The muscles of the upper back work alongside your core to keep the sail steady as you bounce over chop.
  • Windsurfing in strong winds will raise your heart rate fast and you won’t be able to stay on your board for long if your aerobic conditioning is not good enough.

So, can windsurfing be an adequate single-source exercise program?

The answer is NO. While windsurfing is the main focus of your fitness program, most of us cannot windsurf or do not windsurf often enough to improve our windsurfing fitness in a significant way. To improve your performance on your board you need a high level of overall fitness.

And the way to do this is to undertake a specific windsurfing fitness program to:

  • Develop the right muscles for windsurfing.
  • Decrease the risk of injury.
  • Maintain your fitness.

Weight training is also great for maintenance. As windsurfing is a seasonal sport, you often get in shape during the windsurfing-season and most of the gains disappear through the off-season. Weights are a great way to maintain and even improve your fitness.

Sean O'Brien AUS120 PWA windsurfing
Kettle Bells

The Program

What is the GETWINDSURFFIT windsurfing training program?

Get Windsurf Fit was developed by Sean O’Brien, a pro windsurfer of over 15 years at the elite level, in conjunction with his Personal Trainer from Switzerland, Nic Pillonel, with over 25 years in sport and fitness. The duo has spent five years developing the program, which has seen Sean reach the top levels of his sport with an amazing injury-free career.

  • 12-Week progressive program adaptable to every level of fitness.
  • Fine-tuned exercises specifically designed for windsurfing.
  • No “sets of reps” exercising. Each exercise is performed on a time-basis.
  • Tested by the Pro’s of the sport; it works.
  • Includes both a HOME and GYM program; exercise wherever you are.

The program focuses specially on all the components needed for windsurfing which are:

– Maximum ENDURANCE STRENGTH in both the upper body and lower body
– Maximum FLEXIBILITY and injury prevention
– Maximum MOBILITY on the board

“No more boring weights sessions with traditional sets of 10-15 reps where you fall asleep in the middle of a workout. This is a new dynamic training system that keeps you awake and challenged each and every session.”


What do you get with the program?

You get two complete 12-week progressive training programs designed and tested by Sean O’Brien and specifically designed for windsurfers of all levels. The program includes both a HOME and GYM program, so you can train wherever you are, even if you don’t have access to a gym.

As an added bonus, you will also receive the Stretching & Dynamic Warm-up section, with warm-up exercises specific to each strength program (gym or home).

Home Program

(Value $89.95)
Home Program – Phase 1
Home Program – Phase 2
Home Program – Phase 3
Home Program – Phase 4

Gym Program

($89.95 Value)
Gym Program – Phase 1
Gym Program – Phase 2
Gym Program – Phase 3

Stretching & Dynamic Warm-up Program

($19.95 Value)
The MUST-HAVE stretching & dynamic warm-up program!



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